Life Of A Flight Attendant # 1 

I am right now in my bed, trying so hard to sleep but just cant.

Tomorrow I will be working a flight to New York and for the first time, I will be staying in the city, as in Manhattan city for my rest. Oh god, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I wanted to see New York so bad that it hurts. My plans on pursuing my college education in the big apple apparently did not come about but I am grateful still for how things turned around.

It has been 4 months now since I moved to Philadelphia where I am based at. I definitely have learned a lot since then. 

Sometimes when I am working, I get so tired. My heels hurt like a hell for standing a lot. I also hate how I get so oily up there. Ugh. Thanks to the artificial environment and recycled air of these planes! I hate how sometimes I don’t know what to do during my “free time”. I am overwhelmed with too many information. I feel like being nice just doesn’t work all the time. 

I get frustrated over the smallest things. Bigger ones, I don’t even know.

I always wanted to be a flight attendant since I was a kid. To be a flight attendant was at the same level for me as to become a Disney Animator or an Engineer. 

I remember when I was a little boy in a very small town in the southern region of the Philippines, flying on an airplane was almost impossible. The closest thing to flying was drawing them on a piece of paper or making those paper ones. Seeing those ads made me feel so sentimental at such a young age and it made me ambition to become a flight attendant for the first time.

Fast forward to now, I am already a certified flight steward. I have my wings which I pin on my uniform every time I go to work. I have my luggage. It’s weird and crazy. 

I remember on the day I was offered the job, there were only 8 of us left out maybe 60 people who attended the event. This one flight attendant left us with a very meaningful quote which helps me a lot in moments like this.

"When you are about to lose your last ounce of patience or your get frustrated, just remember this day."

Tomorrow when I work my trips, I will be the BEST flight attendant for my passengers. :)

FA Jan here, signing off.

"Left Bank" Acrylic on Canvas 11"x14"

Dancing On My Own

Sometimes I like to come up on here when I don’t want anyone to hear me say I am bored, I am sad, I am lonely. Living alone is kinda weird. The silence in my apartment can be deafening. I have this huge space of I don’t even know what to do with. I feel isolated. i feel detached from the world. I am not saying I hate it. I mean, this is all I ever wished for. It’s just weird. mmm

i got accepted to Parsons!!! omg #parsons #thenewschool #parsonsnewschoolfordesign #college

i got accepted to Parsons!!! omg #parsons #thenewschool #parsonsnewschoolfordesign #college

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