Dancing On My Own

Sometimes I like to come up on here when I don’t want anyone to hear me say I am bored, I am sad, I am lonely. Living alone is kinda weird. The silence in my apartment can be deafening. I have this huge space of I don’t even know what to do with. I feel isolated. i feel detached from the world. I am not saying I hate it. I mean, this is all I ever wished for. It’s just weird. mmm

i got accepted to Parsons!!! omg #parsons #thenewschool #parsonsnewschoolfordesign #college

i got accepted to Parsons!!! omg #parsons #thenewschool #parsonsnewschoolfordesign #college


So finally here’s the weekend.

I cannot explain how antsy I get waiting for the weekend when I am at work. The funny thing is that when I am at home on a weekend, I really cannot find anything productive to do with my time. I either sit in front of my laptop watching random videos on Youtube or checking google for the latest news on Vhong Navarro’s case or eating anything that I see in the kitchen or sleeping without washing my face and wearing the same thing I wore Friday night. Just sad.

I finally submitted my application to Parsons The New School for Design and just yesterday I got an email from the school notifying me that they already have received all required materials and provided me with my ID number. My application was the only thing that kept me busy on a weekend these past weeks. I realized that making and building a portfolio is no joke. What made it even more harder is that I just learned about the school 3 months ago so I didn’t have enough time to really prepare and get everything ready. Luckily, the school was able to receive my documents just before the deadline. I gotta give Fedex and UPS credits for their service!

I wanted to complete my FAFSA (student aid) application today but these questions about my parents  and my personal tax and IRS information is just…whew. Just when I thought I could relax after submitting my art school application, there are actually more things I need to work on. I really hope that I can get this done tomorrow. 

I am trying my very best not to even worry about the cost of attendance at Parsons. I just want to make the most out of all the resources that I could avail to help me finance my education because I honestly cannot afford the tuition alone. It is sooo expensive! I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I win the scholarship competition I joined. I submitted my entry really early and now that the deadline is fast approaching, I cannot help but feel so nervous. Seeing all the entries and videos by other students hoping of winning the same scholarship is just so overwhelming.

I am just gonna leave it all up to God. I know I gave it my best. All I could do right now is just believe and not just believe but believe fully and believe with a whole heart. Claim it as they say. While I am waiting for the decision, I am just gonna keep on dreaming. No doubts. I will win the competition. I will. I will. I will. 

As of the mean time, I am going to brush my teeth and maybe take a shower because I really need one right now.


I am. :’(

I am. :’(

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